Shanghai Ruier Translation Co., Ltd. was founded in 2007. Serving for “Let the world know China and let China marching toward the world”, SRTC has developed as a comprehensive enterprise integrating with multiple language translation, compiling and selling educational materials and providing guidance in study.

Translation Business

Under the guide of the foreign translation experts and the domestic experienced professors, the translators and interpreters in the company have worked hard and made the unremitting efforts, the company has developed rapidly. In 2010, the volume of translation broke through thirty million words (in Chinese character).

Compiling and Selling Educational Materials

“All-in-one of Dialogues in Six Countries’ Language – attached with dub CD ” , compiled by Ruier, has been published by Zhejiang University Press and issued respectively by Press and our Company. (This book includes everyday conversations in English, Japanese, French, Russian, German and Korean corresponded with Chinese. All conversations including notes and words are dubbed by the mother tongue teacher).


Correct Meaning: The original materials to be translated should be expressed correctly with the corresponding language on the basis of understanding the originals.
Specialization Correspondence: The translated information and documents should be in conformity with the special technical terms and the jargons.
Proper Style: In accordance with the different theme, the information and documents to be translated should conform to the style of the originals including legal documents, advertisings, operation manual, etc.), on the basis of fluent expression.
Conformability of Translation: The translations should be identical in vocabulary, phrase, structure and expression, especially for the same customer.