Written Translation:Provide inter-translation of information and documents from foreign languages to Chinese and from Chinese to foreign languages. The translated information and documents should be printed in accordance with the format of the originals or the requirements of customers.

Translation of Audio-visual Media:Provide inter-translation of audio-visual media including records, films, caption projected with DVD, VCD, including dubbing and editing and rearrangement.

Translation of Files and Documents: including legal documents, business data, research report, regulations an systems, contract and agreement, plan and budget, resolution of meeting, report of audit and report on the verification of capital, advertisements, description of products, etc. involving in all industries of industry, agriculture, commerce, school

Translation of Statements, Certificates and Bills: including all kinds of statements, forms and tables such as statistical report, financial statements; all kinds of certifications, such as business license, certificate of tax registration, trademark, certificate of title to house property, certification of graduation, etc. all kinds of handbooks, such as account book, enrollment book, brochure; all kinds of vouchers, such as tax bill, invoice, banking bill, etc.

Translation of literary and artistic works: such as novels and play, opera, or movie scripts


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