Shanghai Ruier Translation Co., Ltd., on the basis of giving full play to personnel resource potentials, has compiled the language study Series. Two sets of Series - All-in-one of Dialogues in Six Countries and Speech Communication without Frontiers were published by Zhejiang University Press and issued respectively by Press and our Company. They are applied for Chinese to study the dialogues in foreign language. The dialogues series for foreigner to study Chinese dialogues is planned in compilation. In accordance with the extensive and frequency exchange between China and the countries all over the world and the requirement and application of studying conversation, the Company has compiled Language Dialogues Series attached with CD in seven languages which are applied by 80% populations in the world. The Series embodies the characteristics of speaking and applying study mode, seeing, listening and feeling study method and thinking study content. The Series published include “All-in-one of Dialogues in Six Countries’ Language”, the Series of “Speech Communication without Frontiers” – Communication and Hot Dialogues – English, Communication and Hot Dialogues – Japanese. (The appearance of Series is shown in following drawing and the contents are shown in Website of the Company. In order to help your studying, we shall provide the remedial instruction.

The above-said language books shall be provided to the students who take part in the class of Remedial Instruction in order to study independently before remedial instruction. If required, the readers can contact us by telephone or website. The books shall be mailed after receipt of payment.

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